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Sleep - Live At Third Man Records MP3 FLAC

Sleep - Live At Third Man Records MP3 FLAC
Live At Third Man Records
Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
Mar 2019
Third Man Records
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2417 mb
MP3 size:
1091 mb
WMA size:
1416 mb


1The Botanist5:00
3Dopesmoker Part One19:42
4Leagues Beneath16:30
5Marijuanaut's Theme7:33
6Giza Butler10:44
7Dopesmoker Part Two2:46
8The Clarity11:02
9Holy Mountain10:23
10Sonic Titan13:35


  • Art Direction [Art Construction]Jason Roeder, Tristan McNatt
  • Bass, VocalsAl Cisneros
  • DrumsJason Roeder
  • Engineer [FOH Engineer]John Hopkins
  • Engineer [Monitor Engineer]Krackamya Welch
  • GuitarMatt Pike
  • Lacquer Cut ByGEO, WG
  • Mastered By [Vinyl Mastering]George Ingram, Wes Garland
  • Mixed ByReid Shippen
  • Mixed By [Assistant]Michael Mechling
  • Photography ByElizabeth Gohr, Jamie Goodsell
  • ProducerSleep, Third Man Records
  • Technician [Stage Left]Chad Hartgrave
  • Technician [Stage Right]Dave French


Available through Third Man Vault Subscriptions, Vault Package #39. Includes a poster and a mystery Sleep/TMR mission patch.
Track B ends with a locked groove of feedback. Track G2 ends with a locked groove of crowd noise from the end of the set.

Recorded on December 12th 2018 in the Blue Room at the Third Man headquarters in Nashville to a live audience using a direct-to-acetate system and mixed and mastered in real-time.

© & ℗ Third Man Records 2019


  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, etched): TMR 596-A I EVERY COPY GETS A TODDLER WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, etched): TMR 596-B THAT SHOULD BE THE COVER I WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout, etched): TMR-596-C SO I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE A MODEL? WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout, etched): TMR-596-D PSY-OPS WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E runout, etched): TMR 596-E CHANGE YOUR RINGTONE TO THE BEACH BOYS WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F runout, etched): TMR-596-F NO MASK WG & GEO / NRP TMP
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G runout, etched): TMR 596-G ITS NOT A ZOETROPE WG & GEO / NRP TMP


  • Manufactured By – Third Man Pressing
  • Copyright (c) – Third Man Records
  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Third Man Records
  • Recorded At – Third Man Records
  • Lacquer Cut At – Nashville Record Productions
  • Pressed By – Third Man Pressing
  • Published By – 21st Century Ribbon Music
  • Published By – Domino Publishing Company USA


37 for sale and about a 1/3 of them aren't available in Canada???? WTF is that?
  • Clodebd
I'll sell my unopened one to you and send to Canada. Send me a message. I'm happy to negotiate a fair price.
  • Ferri - My name
Sadly my copy didn’t come with a patch, just poster (maybe a second pressing?) but regardless the importance of the recording is the focus here. Sounds awesome, clear and crankable.
  • Renthadral
If anyone has seen Sleep, you know how loud they are...this mix is great but I think people are comparing it to studio.My advice is to crank it up, the mix is just on the quiet end. There is absolutely no clipping, the volume keeps going up and sounds perfect.Impressive mix for direct to acetate, I’ll take this any day over something that’s too hot.
  • Folsa
Third Man Records messed up my package, duplicating one of the records and forgetting one of the others and then refused to fix the mess up insinuating I was a flipper, talking about the T&Cs. Didn’t really acknowledge they had messed up or try to sort it. Rock and roll eh!
  • It's so easy
i wouldn't expect anything less from a company owned by someone as pretentious as jack white. that sucks though, sorry to hear man.
  • Cozius
Care to share the screenshots of the emails you had from them? I’m very interested in how they worded the insinuation that you were a flipper.
  • Jairani
Compared to the Dopesmoker 2lp that I have, the live recording sounds pretty spot on for being a live recording. It obviously doesn't have the studio clarity, but for the live mastering, I would give it 4.5/5 stars. I have a modest setup as it goes, but I approve.
  • Bolv
As someone who actually went to this show (and who filmed the two videos linked on this page), I have to say this set came out pretty great. To say the show was loud as hell would be an understatement, so I'm surprised how well TMR were able to clean up the sound, despite it still sounding a little muddy. I imagined it would be hard to recreate the energy of being at the show on vinyl, but this comes close. The overall pressing quality is fantastic too. No warping whatsoever and for the most part, dead silent wax.
  • sergant
36 for sale at markup already lol. Sometimes I really despise this hobby.Scalpers aside, I really enjoy this release. Sounds good to me, although I do have to turn my amp up a little more than usual (I'd say it's quiet, but that's a little inaccurate since it sounds massive). Hope this at least goes on streaming services so everyone can listen to it, including me on my commute to and from work haha.
  • Preve
Anyone know how many were made? Looks like a pretty cool set
  • Viashal
I try to know this information and the Third Man people said the Vault number of members are confidential.
  • ZloyGenii
Third Man Vault Packages are made to order, so however many people signed up is how many they pressed. Would be cool to get an actual number tbh.
  • Vosho
This is great, one of the best Vinyl things i own. Even for a live recording, it sounds great in my opinion. Big Sleep fan. I have most of their releases. I want to own it twice!!!
  • Faezahn
Wow 4 copies for sale from new scalpers. Absolutely ridiculous.Can someone out there please make a nice vinyl-rip?
  • WtePSeLNaGAyko
"Still in shipping box from Thirdman. I'm not a fan of the band unfortunately." Sells for almost 3 times what the package cost... Cool bro.
  • Kanrad
This is the first one to arrive by the looks of things:
  • Weetont
Can't understand the complaints about sound quality. This thing sounds tremendous! Al's bass in particular sounds bigger and better than ever. Everything else sounds loud and clear to my ears, including guitar solos and the snap of Roeder's snare. The only trouble is this thing needs a wider release. Every Sleep fan needs to hear this.
  • Mananara
I’ve seen them a grip of times and have better sounding videos that I took with my phone. His guitar has never been so lost in the mix when I’ve seen them. Listen to Pike’s solos on just Giza Butler and tell me he’s not mixed way low. This sounds mixed from the back of the room. I know Jack White is all about gimmicks but they would have done better to record it straight and then mix later. Direct to acetate for a band this loud and distorted is a disservice.
  • Syleazahad
Just listen to Giza Butler as an example. Pike’s solos are totally buried. His guitar was much more prominently mixed the times I’ve seen them play. Sound quality isn’t terrible but the mix is not nearly as good as it should be.
  • Samutilar
I'm not a heavy Sleep fan, but aren't they the definition of the "haunting mids". Perfect on this vinyl.
  • Scream_I LOVE YOU
I've seen Sleep live multiple times. This pressing sounds like what Sleep sounds like live, which is what one would expect for a live Sleep album. I seriously don't understand why people are complaining either. To those who are complaining about the treble, try using the treble tuner on your stereo, because Pike's guitars are solid on my system. ;)
  • August
Sound lack of clarity, an impression of recording from the back of the room.
  • Villo
It doesn't sound that way to me. I hear a great depth in the mid-range. It sounds like I'm there.
  • Jwalextell
People who have the set: Is the end of side B a locked groove with a loud distorted sound?
  • Falya
Oh, and **SPOILER** Side B is a locked groove. I sat there and listened to the think for a solid 10 minutes. They know their audience well :D
  • Uste
That explains the infinity symbol for the time of the last song.
  • Yananoc
Yes, it's a loop of feedback, and the last side ends with a loop of crowd noise.
  • Wiliniett
Yes Side B has a lock groove too! Loud feed back from the amp.
  • Kazimi
I'm actually a bit disappointed with the sound. I was hoping for a fuller and clearer sound.
  • porosh
Sound was higly defined in the mids for me. Sleep live in the mids. I'm guessing this is either not a Sleep person or not a vinyl person.
  • Butius
Really? Mind sounds huge and magnificent. Might want to tweak your setup.
  • Aedem
All 4 records are flat on my set. No edge warps or dishing. Seems like a rare event with modern vinyl. Nice pressing! Wish TMR would have used poly lined inner sleeves rather than generic paper sleeves. Sounds pretty good overall. Treble is kind of buried in the mix a bit. Hard to hear some of the guitar solos. We'll see if this improves later in the set, as they were live mixing it.
  • Ishnllador
Same here! I was a bit disappointed they didn't use proper poly lined inner sleeves, I'll have to buy some and do it myself.The sound is nice, both through my speakers and on my headphones, nothing to complain here.And the vinyl colours are just brilliant.
  • Vivados
Hey all, can someone describe the package to me? I had mine shipped to my office/warehouse and supposedly was received Friday while I was out of town. Couldn't find it anywhere on Monday, but I was guessing it was a 12x12 box a few inches thick. If I should be looking for a different size box, please let me know. Was really looking forward to this!!!
  • Rolling Flipper
My patch was in the envelope with the Vault card. It's very thin.
  • Walianirv
Plain brown box. not the usual Third Man Vault box
  • Glei
Where was the patch? I think my package might have been missing it...
  • Moronydit
Mine came in a 15x15 cardboard box about 2.5 inches thick. The 3xlp box itself was inside a yellow padded envelope inside this brown box. Good luck
  • Weernis
You're exactly right. Box is LP sized about 2" thick. Nondescript brown packaging.
  • Anarasida
That is exactly what you are looking for. Good luck
  • Gandree
Can anybody comment on what the quality is like on this record?
  • Meztihn
Vinyl quality or sound quality? My vinyl pressing quality is great (quiet and no warping) and the sound is huge and organic, a great representation of SLEEP's live sound. Huge and powerful. You'll want a subwoofer of course. Only disappointment is that "From Beyond" isn't in the set.
  • Umge
sounds great ,don't hesitate to get it just as you would expect from jack white he is also a music lover
  • Tansino
The sound is fucking great!!! A definite must have, great package
  • Mr_KiLLaURa
high end's a little bit lacking, but otherwise it sounds absolutely fantastic.