» » No Artist - The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1

No Artist - The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 MP3 FLAC

No Artist - The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 MP3 FLAC
No Artist
The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1
Field Recording
Ornis, SR Records
RFLP 5001
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1239 mb
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1 Podiceps Cristatus - Great Crested Grebe
2Wild Crowing Notes0:33
3The Rich Nasal Trumpeting ''Ung-Unk''0:57
4Calls On Water0:18
5Territorial Calls0:27
6 Branta Bernicla - Brent Goose
7 Anser Anser - Grey Lag Goose
8 Ixobrychus Minutus - Little Bittern
9Calls On Ground0:37
10 Nycticorax Nycticorax To Cygnus Bewickii
11Sounds In Colony0:40
12Head-Shaking ''Ticking'' Calls0:14
13Sustained Rhythmical Rising And Falling0:34
14The Rhythmic Purring Phrases0:52
15A Quite, Musical Babble0:36
16Calls From Small Group0:26
17''Ky-Ack'' Calls From A Passing Flock0:21
18 Puffinus Puffinus - Manx Shearwater
19The Single Occasional Nasal Or Grunting Sounds0:31
20Calls Recorded In Nestling Colony0:37
21 Ciconia Nigra - Black Stork
22 Gavia Stellata To Icobrychus Minutus
23Adults Using Croaking Notes0:25
24 Podiceps Auritus - Slavonian Grebe
25Flight Calls0:15
26 Pelecanus Onocrotalus - White Pelican
27Long Wailing Cries1:00
28 Branta Leucopsis - Barnacle Goose
29Conversational Calls And Flock Display0:30
30On Nest, Grunting And Croaking Notes0:37
31 Branta Ruficollis - Red-Breasted Goose
32Song: Two Or Three Quiet Grunting Notes1:07
33 Oceanodroma Leucorrhoa - Leach's Petrel
34Long Wailing Neighing ''Song''0:33
35 Fulmaris Glacialis - Fulmar
36The ''Pumping'' Of Spring Song1:15
37''Frarnk'' Calls Again0:03
38 Podiceps Nigricollis - Black-Necked Grebe
39Calls Of Male And Female0:23
40The Shrill, Staccato ''Kee-Kwa'' Notes0:37
41Short Barking ''Gnuk'' Flight-Calls0:54
42Bill-Clappering And Moaning Cries0:39
43 Plegadis Falcinellus - Glossy Ibis
44 Procellaria Diomedea - Cory's Shearwater
45The Hoarse Cackling0:44
46Calls In Nesting Colony0:46
47 Ciconia Ciconia - White Stork
48The ''Song'' Is A Deep (Rather Inanimate) Thump0:37
49 Ardeola Ralloides - Squacco Heron
50Angry Calls Of Adult0:20
51 Phalacrocorax Carbo - Cormorant
52Calls From Adult In Nest Burrow0:20
53Croaking Calls In Colony0:30
54High-Pitched ''Kow'' Or ''Whouk'' Cries0:28
55 Bubulcus Ibis - Cattle Egret
56 Botaurus Stellaris - Bittern
57Short, Repetitive ''Kek, Kek, Kek'' Cries0:34
58 Puffinus Griseus - Sooty Shearwater
59Calls Of Flock0:59
60 Gavia Arctica - Black-Throated Diver
61Bird Takes Off And Flies By0:18
62 Cygnus Olor - Mute Swan
63Advertising Call0:12
64Half-A-Dozen Birds In Flight0:55
65The Resonant ''Aa-Houk'' Flight Note0:30
66 Anser Brachyrynchus - Pink-Footed Goose
67The Loud High Whinnying Trill0:21
68''Saw-Sharpening'' Note0:08
69Another Example Of Bill-Clappering0:15
70Calls From Adults On Breeding Ground0:46
71Extended For Of Contact Call0:08
72A Goose-Like Call0:11
73 Ardea Purpurea - Purple Heron
74 Hydrobates Pelagicus - Storm Petrel
75 Cygnus Cygnus - Whooper Swan
76 Anser Fabalis - Bean Goose
77 Gavia Adamsii - White-Billed Diver
78The Soft, Rather Whistling ''Whit-Whit''
79Calls In Colony ''Rrank'' And Variants0:44
80Colony With Croaking And Bubbling Adults0:32
81Hoarse Rhythmic Display Cries0:34
82Cheeping Of Cygnets And Hissing Of Cob0:32
83Shrill Rising Wails0:17
84A Few Hoarse Vocal Notes0:09
85The Deep ''Ka-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah'' Alarm Call0:11
86Adults And Young Nestling Begging0:34
87Chorus Of Barking ''Arrah'' Calls0:51
88A Short, Repeated Rasping Bark0:42
89The Flock Is Settled On The Water1:08
90Calls From Flock On Ground1:15
91Nestlings Being Fed0:34
92 Phalacrocorax Aristotelis - Shag
93Colony With Begging Cries0:55
94Away From Breeding Colonies A Very Silent Bird0:50
95 Abser Erythropus - Lesser White-Fronted Goose
96The Throaty ''Rrouk'' Or ''Rruk'' Calls0:38
97 Sula Bassana - Gannet
98 Anser Caerulescens - Snow Goose
99Calls On Breeding Ground0:28
100The ''Kwuck-Kwuck-Kwuck'' Note0:14
101 Gavia Immer - Great Northern Diver
102 Oceanites Oceanicus - Wilson's Petrel
103 Podiceps Ruficollis - Little Grebe
104Birds In Pre-Copulation Display0:32
105Threat Call ''Barking''0:14
106Take-Off For Feeding Grounds0:06
107 Egretta Alba - Great White Egret
108 Phoenicopterus Ruber - Greater Flamingo
109Nestling Calling0:12
110 Pelecanus Crispus - Dalmatian Pelican
111Threat Call ''Crowing''0:10
112 Botaurus Lentiginosus - American Bittern
113Long Nasal Wailing Note1:00
114The Deep, Harsh ''Frarnk'' Calls And Variants0:18
115The Long, Low Squealing Trill0:13
116 Ardea Cinerea - Grey Heron
117 Podiceps Griseigena - Red-Necked Grebe
118 Anser Albifrons - White-Fronted Goose
119 Nycticorax Nycticorax - Night Heron
120 Phalacrocorax Pygmaeus - Pygmy Cormorant
121Calls From Flock0:43
122 Cygnus Bewickii - Bewick's Swan
123Distant Moans Of A Female0:31
124The Harsh, Crow-Like ''Karr'' Call0:12
125Pulli In Nest0:19
126 Gavia Stellata - Red-Throated Diver
127Vocalisations During Display0:51
128A Large Flock Of Singing Whooper Swans0:42
129 Puffinus Gravis - Great Shearwater
130Slightly Different ''Crowing''0:10
131The Usual Low Guttural ''R-Rah''0:26
132 Branta Canadensis - Canada Goose
133Contact Call0:09
134Snoring And Whistling Notes0:30
135Deep Barking (Or Snoring)0:34
136Grunting Calls Of Adults0:25
137 Platalea Leucorodia - Spoonbill
138Harsh Rasping Cries0:36
139Calls In Close-Up From Captive Birds0:56
140 Egretta Garzetta - Little Egret


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
RFLP 5001No Artist The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 ‎(LP)Ornis, SR RecordsRFLP 5001Sweden1969


  • EngineerBengt Nyqvist
  • Narrator, Liner NotesJeffery Boswall
  • Painting, Liner NotesRoger Tory Peterson
  • Photography ByArne Schmitz
  • Recorded By, Edited By, Arranged By, Engineer, Liner NotesSture Palmér
  • Typography, LayoutLasse H. Halldin


Released with two inserts.

On the inner sleeve a list of the Swedish equivalents of the birdnames is on display.


  • Copyright (c) – Sveriges Radio
  • Printed By – SIB-Tryck, Tumba
  • Printed By – Farsta Tryckeri AB