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2814 - 新しい日の誕生 MP3 FLAC

2814 - 新しい日の誕生 MP3 FLAC
Ambient, Drone, Vaporwave
Dec 2017
Dream Catalogue
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CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
DREAMCD_1, DREAM_862814 新しい日の誕生 ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd)Dream Catalogue, Dream CatalogueDREAMCD_1, DREAM_86UK2015
NNF3142814 新しい日の誕生 ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, RE, Smo)Not Not Fun RecordsNNF314US2016
NNF3142814 新しい日の誕生 ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, RE, Pur)Not Not Fun RecordsNNF314US2015
DREAM_862814 新しい日の誕生 ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, RE, LED)Dream CatalogueDREAM_86UK2019
DREAM_862814 新しい日の誕生 = Birth Of A New Day ‎(2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE)Dream CatalogueDREAM_86UK2019


  • Artwork, DesignPoeribbon
  • CoverKidmograph


Limited edition of 2000 copies.

Made in Europe.

© Dream Catalogue 2017


  • Pressed By – MPO
  • Copyright (c) – Dream Catalogue


  • Gnng
I took my chances and ordered it with DC because I'm not about to pay 120€ for it... We'll see!Edit: Arrived 10 days later in perfect condition :)
  • Swift Summer
Trading this for a good copy of Selected Ambient Works 2. Send me a pm!
  • Banal
Received a special repress (vinyls only) in the mail today. Put it on and the sound is clean and it diesnt have the distorsions experienced on b2 from my ither copy. The vinyls do not have any markings (that i noticed) that would differentiate it from previous repress. Can someone validate this?
  • Androrim
I got the special repress and can confirm it's much better than the second press which was very noisy / clippy. Still a few little clicks / pops here and there. I can't notice anything different about the vinyl itself but haven't looked in great detail. Happy to be able to enjoy this LP as intended now - one of my favourites! :)
  • Lonesome Orange Kid
I received the special repress as replacement for the defective one (2nd press) and still have various non-fill defects all along the records. Sincerely it's worst than the 2nd press i already have...
  • The_NiGGa
i got my copy (2nd press) (is there even a 3rd press?) a month ago, and it sounds fine all over... just the normal occasial clicks here n there, but totally normal for a coloured press.. and i am very satisfied with the copy. no distortions on side b or d... i am sad to read that there is so many trouble with most the copies... hope they do another run with better results.
  • Goldendragon
i got my copy from ...itz pressumably from the 2nd pressing run in 2017, as i got it in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Pipet
There is the original indiegogo funded pressing, first run of 1000 of the 2017 reissue and second run of 1000 identical 2017 reissues
  • Vudojar
Where did you grab your copy from? ???? ???? ????
  • Shalinrad
After sending short sound bytes (took 10mins) Dream catalogue sent me an email saying that the plant will repress a copy specifically for me (lol - feel special). They also said that they will change pressing plant in the future. Estimated time for new pressing unknown for now so i assume it will take quite some time for it to reach me (many months). Still, nice to see DC is doing something about this.
  • Vetitc
I got a shipping email the other day for my replacement pressing.
  • Camper
Did any of you get an update? Was told 2 months ago they would update me in a couple of days and since then they've just stopped responding to my e-mails. No record either.
  • Rolling Flipper
I also did the same thing (contacted DC and explained the situation; will also receive a replacement). I recently received an update and it is expected to be shipped from the plant on 29 June.
  • Kanrad
Worst customer service ever. It started with me complaining and DC needed "more proof by more people". Wow. Alright. Great trust in customers. I pointed them to this Discogs discussion. And to me it would be proof enough. But no. "Not many people have addressed those issues directly to us. We need to wait a bit." Yeah. Maybe tons of people buy this vinyl for display and play just the MP3s? Who knows? And how many people bother to complain anyway and just think it's "bad luck"? So after a really long time (they are terrible in answering quickly. Replies sometimes need 2-3 weeks.) and after MONTHS they dared to send me another copy of the same batch (As if it wasn't obvious the pressing plant did something BASICALLY wrong). I almost forgot after they replied after another month to ask me how that new copy sounds. I never got a replacement. I even bet they never sent it to me since I have the impression this label is pure chaos. Well - after I said I never got a replacement they told me "Oh, hopefully this is returned to us. We will get a repressing. When it's here we send it out to you. But please provide us AUDIO or VIDEO proof". So after this hassle they also ask for an "audio proof"? Who they think their customers are? A bunch of criminals? I am not going to spend more time in running after Dream Catalogue. With all labels (smaller and bigger ones) I had to deal in past when it comes to defective pressings Dream Catalogue is by far the worst. To me there is only one conclusion: Will never buy anything from this bunch of idiots again.
  • anonymous
Side B is distorted as shit, but knock on wood it doesn't skip. It's annoying but tolerable.
  • Jan
My copy is first pressing, and has no noise/pops at all. Looks and sounds fantastic!
  • Xisyaco
The entire side B is rendered completely unlistenable due to the amount of noise. Dream Catalogue is not responding to emails about the quality and leads me to believe that this is an acceptable problem for them. Will be the last time I order vinyl from them if this is okay for them to release for the cost it was at. Updated 09/05/2018 - A lot happened between my original posting of this review & this new update, and the short of it is, I received a new press today as part of the "special repress" run they did to address the customer complaints. I now have two brand new records that sound as good as the originals did at their best parts, and has none of the defects that prompted me to leave a bad review on this pressing in the first place. Dream Catalogue came through in a big way and gone way above and beyond what I would have hoped to deliver these two new records. Everything sounds fantastic. Now, how does one go about logging this "special repress" set, as it's technically a new issue, right? Updated review accordingly.
  • Very Old Chap
If you contact [email protected] and let them know what your issue, they should be able to assist. They have been assessing all received complaints as well. (My interactions with them thus far have been quite pleasant.)Not knowing what the situation is, I would guess that there was probably something that affected the actual master plates and it was embedded into the record itself.
  • Umdwyn
Opened my copy to verify the sound quality & i am sad to say that it too has theses distorsions. They are not very subtle and take away from the listening experience for sure. Will post what Dream Catolgue's response.
  • Siratius
Unfortunately, mine skips a lot and has a few pops. I’m not sure if it is because I somehow handled it incorrectly or incorrectly took it out of the sleeve, or put it in the wrong way, or if it is my record player, but I am extremely sad and paid a pretty penny from a third party. Dream Catalogue said in their AMA that they might do another vinyl repress of Birth of a New Day. Let’s hope so because I really want this on vinyl.
  • Black_Hawk_Down
Dream Catalogue email-answer to second batch:I understand the problem is not limited to just your copy. However, we have still only had a small number of reports so far. This may be because customers are currently still receiving their orders, or it may be that people have not contacted us yet. Please encourage fellow Discogs users to report their problems to us as you have done; we need them to email us directly ([email protected]) so we can get an idea of how many records are affected. We are passing all of your feedback to the vinyl plant. Please let me know if you noticed any visible defects on your records too.Thanks, Dream Catalogue
  • Perilanim
at this point, if I have to give it back for the refund, without obtaining another copy, I prefer to keep it just for collection.
  • Blackworm
I sent an Email describing the problem in detail too.
  • Mautaxe
They also asked the following questions:1. What type of noise are you hearing? (E.g. static, pops, clicks, jumps, scratches - you can record the sound for us if this is easier)2. During what disc/track/time does the noise occur? 3. Are there any visible defects on the record? (If so, please send us photographs)4. Have you attempted cleaning both the record itself and the needle on your record player?They will also speak with the plant and see if either a replacement or a refund be issued.
  • Bloodhammer
Dream Catalogue dropped the ball on this whole project in my opinion and has lost my trust as a buyer. They posted a limited 1000 copies which sold out in a day and then the very next day reposted another (second) 1000 copies with no explanation of it being a 3rd printing or any different press, which they obviously should. The comments on their facebook page where deleted if they noted complaints about this issue. I have the first reissue, and fortunately have a clean copy. But this still doesn't excuse this type of misleading behavior considering HKE had passed the label to 2 "mysterious" vapor dudes. All this after HKE - Dragon Soul never was pressed or had any explanation as to what happened to the vinyl, which I preordered and was never paid back. Shady business by non-professional people.
  • Uris
On Twitter they stated that the second press is gonna have a "2nd press" on the sleeve. Would have been happier if the second press was only black or sth.
  • Fordg
My copy has lots of those random "long scratch sounds" always at the same positions (last track side B, last track side D). It's difficult to describe - sounds like someone tears a sheet of paper apart (and then amplifies it). Like occasional super loud short overdrives.The vinyl looks totally clean. Is this caused by wrong pressing temperature or faulty cut? Can someone confirm?P.S.: Important info: My copy comes from the second repressing batch (means: first 1000...then immediately pressed another 1000...). Usually pressing plants must exchange stampers after 1000 copies. This could be an obvious cause and is maybe just a problem of the second 1000 pressings.
  • Xor
I've received my copy today (second batch) and i have the same issues on the end of side D.This is called non-fill defect and have the typical "rip" sound.Too bad cause the rest of the album is very clean...I'm very disappointed: it happens alot more often recently.
I already did. Dream Catalogue is going to check if this affects the whole pressing or just certain copies of the second batch. Will post an update when I know more.P.S.: Test pressings are usually manufactured to check if the cut is properly done. If the same stamper or cut is used again, I don't think there are any "new" test pressings provided to check quality.
  • Felolv
People, you definitely need to complain to the label about this. Sounds like you all have discs with the same pressing fault. You at least should be eligible for a part refund or replacement (doubt they have 1st pressings spare though obviously). Poor quality 2nd pressings, and 2nd pressings that were tagged on when they originally stated 1000 only, are just not acceptable. So disappointing to fans after waiting years for a vinyl copy. How the hell did this pass the test pressing stage??
  • Jode
MPO dodgy quality control strikes again! Shame about the issues here
  • Macage
Also experiencing the same thing on side B. I do think I can see the imperfections causing it on mine if I look at it under the right light. Lots of little chatter on the final third of B. I don't seem to have an issue anywhere else but there. It's definitely going to impact my ability to enjoy that side of the album.
  • Mataxe
Second batch here as well. Side b and last track side D has same long scratching you describe. All sides have significant surface noise throughout in addition to the paper scratching.
  • huckman
the same happened with my copy, but only on the last track of side B. last track of side D was exceptionally clean, i could barely hear any static at all
  • Beydar
I have the second batch pressing and I have the same issues. Too bad because it sounds wonderful otherwise. I'm interested to find out if this is only from the second batch of this pressing or not.
  • Gandree
Just grabbed a copy of this off They've got copies of all the other albums as well. Don't pay insane prices on here!
  • deadly claw
There's more than 1000 copies of these. They were initially only doing 1000, but Dream Catalogue wanted everybody that wanted a copy to get one so they opened another pre-order of possible another 1000? I recall the pre-orders being open a long time.
  • Ranicengi
Little surface noise and sound quality was brilliant, but my copy had quite a few pops and clicks throughout. Unsure if this is just my copy though.
  • Kikora
Received my violet copy on the 12th of January in case anyone is wondering.
Still waiting for my first pressing copy. I tried to contact them as many times as I could for the past two weeks already but didn't get a single response or notification. It's becoming frustrating.
  • Jarortr
Same here, dude. I emailed them and even tweeted at Dream Catalogue with 0 response. I'll have to see if I actually get it in the mail soon.
  • Fato
Someone know if their is a sound difference between the 2017 version and the 2016 version?
  • Hbr
Does anyone know if the second round actually looks different in any way?
  • Mitynarit
Do you mean 3rd round? 10 more words 10 more
  • Meri
Does this mean people have got their copies? Nothing has showed up for me yet!
  • Dominator
The media is violet and the artwork is a bit more vibrant.
  • Ueledavi
The first run is colored black. The second run, this one, is colored purple.
  • Rishason
Yes, got mine in the post. Is this sale for the first pressing of the 2017 rerelease or the second pressing?2000 were pressed, the first 1000 were the first pressing and following 1000 were for the second pressing.
  • Jusari
2000 reprints were made, 1000 were sent in october, and another 1000 will be sent in january.
  • Silly Dog
Yours must be the first pressing. The second pressing is yet to be shipped in January 2018.
  • Ckelond
I'm still waiting on my 1st addition copy, has anyone else received theirs yet?
  • Tori Texer
Received mine on the 16th, they sent me the notification on the 3rd.
I have not even got the shipping notification yet :(
  • Daigami
I think Royal Mail is currently completely overloaded due to christmas parcels - just had a package which took almost 4 weeks instead of the usual 10-12 days....
  • Kendis
Still waiting on the 1st edition repress - got a note today with some images of the record
  • Mr_KiLLaURa
Just got it in the mail yesterday (USA). You should be getting yours soon.
  • Kalrajas
Same, received it on Wednesday. Shipping from UK indeed so depends where you´re located.
  • BOND
Received mine earlier this week. I'm in the UK. I think they began shipping on the 1st?